Municipal Workshops


1-Day Municipal Workshop

   This workshop is tailored to cities and towns, and consists of a series of Original Green overviews with various departments. We will adapt the lengths of these meetings to the needs of each municipality:


   The day begins with a 45-minute meeting intended for the municipal administrator(s) and departments heads. It is a high-level overview of the Original Green and its impact upon municipalities.


   The Planning meeting focuses on Transect-based tools such as the SmartCode that are either overlays to or replacements for conventional zoning. Transect-based tools make an inherently more sustainable place than current zoning practices which create sprawl.

Engineering/Public Works:

   The Engineering meeting introduces Transect-based public works, which are not only more nimble than current one-size-fits-all practices, but can also save a lot of money. We also discuss the public works fiscal benefits of building in a more compact, mixed-use, and walkable fashion.


   The Building Department meeting reviews current sustainability standards that might be adopted to increase the sustainability of buildings.

Public Safety/Police/Fire:

   The Public Safety meeting is a quick introduction to the benefits of patrolling and protecting interconnected networks of compact, mixed-use, and walkable urbanism over the costs of providing the same services in sprawl. It also includes a number of techniques for reducing current energy consumption.


   The Recreation meeting looks at the role of public spaces in promoting sustainability on several levels, including some that likely have not been considered heretofore.

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Follow-Up Municipal Workshops

   Most of the departmental meetings can be followed up with a full-day departmental workshop. This allows the time to more thoroughly review available Original Green tools and techniques for that department. We bring in consultants appropriate to the department’s needs to review particulars of the more detailed tools. Specifics of workshops are as follows:

Planning/Zoning Workshop

   We produce the Planning/Zoning Workshop with SmartCode calibration experts such as DPZ, PlaceMakers, or a number of other consultants who do calibration work.

Engineering/Public Works Workshop

   Steve is co-authoring the Context-Based Public Works Manual with Andrés Duany of DPZ, so we produce the Engineering/Public Works Workshop with representatives of DPZ who have been involved with this initiative.

Building/Inspection Workshop

   This workshop goes far beyond “Gizmo Green,” examining ways that buildings can be more sustainable by being more Lovable, Durable, Flexible, and Frugal. At first glance, it might seem that these are admirable goals, but not within the purview of a municipal building inspection department. At present, the only things that most municipalities do in this arena is to enforce energy codes, which are only a small part of frugality. But while code enforcement is almost universally coercive, this workshop is based on a new breed of document known as “persuasive codes” that, while not enforceable under penalty of law, operate instead by convincing builders and building owners to build better.

Please email us to enquire about or to schedule your follow-up workshops, or call us at 786-276-6000.

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