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   We conduct several types of Original Green Workshops. Our Municipal Workshops are tailored to cities, towns, and villages that want to do business in a more sustainable fashion. Institutional Workshops perform a similar function for large institutions such as universities. Development Workshops focus on sustainable development of infill or new neighborhoods, while our Neighborhood Workshops help existing neighborhoods that have matured beyond their original developer find their way to a more sustainable future.

   We have been working to advance the ideals of the Original Green for several years. The Original Green is common-sense, plain-spoken sustainability. Originally, before the Thermostat Age, the places we built had no choice but to be green, otherwise people would freeze to death in the winter, die of heat strokes by summer, or other really bad things would happen to them. Today, as we are working to re-learn how to live sustainably, much of the focus is on the gadgetry of green: Gizmo Green. This notion that we can simply invent more efficient mechanisms, and throw in some bamboo for good measure, is only a small part of real sustainability.

   First, we must build sustainable places, because it does not matter what the carbon footprint of a building is if you have to drive everywhere in order to live there. Sustainable places must be Nourishable, Accessible, Serviceable, and Securable. Only after the place has been made sustainable does it make sense to discuss sustainable buildings. Sustainable buildings must be Lovable, Durable, Flexible, and Frugal.

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