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   Our individual images fill an entirely different need from the Catalog of the Most-Loved Places. Whereas the Catalog rigorously marches through a place documenting everything, our individual images search instead for the most intense beauty and meaning we can find in places, buildings, and the creatures that inhabit them.

   I find beauty in very strange places sometimes. For example, I like to shoot at night, but also love the nimbleness of shooting without a tripod, the combination of which completely violates all rules of good photography. But results like the image above, while unconventional, can be striking. Another forbidden technique is shooting into the sun. While that can produce really bad lens flare and other problems, I've noticed that things really glisten with unusual light when sunlight just kisses off them on its way to the lens. Shadows can be dramatic as well. So have a look through these collections and see what you think. Each shoot has its own story, and its own character.

   We have recently begun tagging our individual images with keywords in order to make it easier to find them. Also, if you download a lot of them, they come with the keywords embedded, so they're not just useful while you're hunting for them on our site, but also when you use them from now on.

   You can purchase prints of individual images in any of the galleries below from our Zenfolio store. Zenfolio uses the highly-regarded Mpix lab for all their printing on your choice of several different papers, with several methods of mounting and/or framing.



   The Cabbagetown shoot was one I gave up on two years ago when I discovered a really boneheaded error, and I almost threw all the images away. I was traveling with a group of colleagues to the Urban Guild summit in Savannah in January 2018, and we were tracking the path the CityBuilding Express would take later that year on the way to the Congress for the New Urbanism. …

Lincoln Road Hallowe'en 2014


   Lincoln Road puts on the best Hallowe’en evenings I’ve ever experienced, but even by the stratospheric standards of South Beach, 2014 really topped the charts. To be fair, the real estate company that manages Lincoln Road is superb at putting on events, and they almost certainly hire professionals like (I suspect) this puppet master and his minions, but the local community picks up the baton with gusto, as you can see in the


Segovia's fabulous aqueduct stretches across the town entrance as a solitary wall-mounted street lamp refracts late afternoon sunlight around the corner of heavy masonry street walls

   The Segovia day was the sweetest shooting screw-up of my photography career. I was in Spain for a few days late in 2009, and had it totally clear in my mind that I was returning the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. …

Silo City

Andrés Duany speaking to a packed house at Silo City in Buffalo, New York with urban images flashing on the silo walls beyond

   The road to Silo City twisted painfully through so much industrial wasteland on the outskirts of Buffalo that both we and our taxi driver were completely convinced at various times that we were hopelessly lost. …

Portofino Night Shots

small wooden boats bob in the night waters of Portofino's harbor

   We arrived in Portofino for the first time just before nightfall, after riding the train from Milan to Santa Margherita Ligure and then taking a taxi from the station the last few kilometers along the coast road. …

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