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   Mouzon Design has been building several collections of homes for traditional neighborhoods since the mid-1990s. These collections include a wide range of plan types that are appropriate to many site conditions. We have organized our plans into six plan collections for your convenience; each collection is also available in our Bookstore. Please be sure to check out the Details page, which lays out a lot of information you need in order to have a good home-building experience with a pre-designed house plan.

   Many plan collections contain designs that are differentiated only by style and size, because all the designs are of the basic type, which places a basically rectangular plan somewhere near the center of the lot with a yard all around the edges.

   The New Urbanism is sometimes referred to as the Traditional Town Planning movement. It creates places that are more compact, walkable, and diverse. And in the process, it creates places that are much more valuable, because these are the standards that have always been used to create the most-loved American villages, towns, and cities from the time our nation was founded.

   Compactness and walkability come about in part when homes are closer together along a street, rather than sitting wide and shallow on large lots, like in a conventional subdivision. As a result, conventional plans, even if they are beautiful, only work on a small percentage of lots in a traditional town or neighborhood.

   Diversity, the third foundation goal of the New Urbanism, creates a great place in part because it makes it more interesting. Not every house is 3 bedrooms, 2-1/2 baths,  and 2,200 square feet. Some are much larger, while others are much smaller. This diversity mirrors that which occurs in the best old towns, where executives, employees, teachers, firefighters, and police can all live in the same neighborhood. It is even possible, in places like this, for your children to be able to afford to live in your neighborhood when they get out of college because the value spread is so great in the best traditional neighborhoods. Conventional wisdom has it that less expensive homes bring down the value of more expensive homes nearby. This is true in suburbia. As a result, conventional subdivisions have a mind-numbing sameness of size and price.

   But what we have found is that if the value spread is achieved not by cheapening the same 2,200 square foot box, but rather by having lots of different building types, all built to a similar level of quality, the values of the more expensive houses actually increase. This is why our plans include more house types and a bigger spread of sizes.

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