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   We have been working for years to assemble highly useful collections of images. The Catalog of the Most-Loved Places documents entire neighborhoods, hamlets, villages, and towns. While most photo essays concentrate on a very small selection of buildings that hope to represent the entire town or neighborhood, we photograph every building instead, not just the “greatest hits.” Architects have largely forgotten how to design the common buildings that should make up the great majority of the street fronts of any place. We hope that the Catalog helps to fill this need.

   When shot in the great New Urbanist places, the Catalog includes every single building. When shot in an historic place, the Catalog includes every single building built before about 1925 in the neighborhood or town, plus all the sympathetic buildings built more recently. As such, this becomes the most complete catalog of images of the vernacular of a place possible. Shots include at least a straight-on elevation or a perspective shot of each building, plus details where warranted and street centerlines, sidewalks and diagonals at great intersections.

   The Catalog is available for purchase on CD-ROMs, each of which contains hundreds of digital images. Each volume was shot with the highest-resolution digital cameras available at the time. Because we have been working on the Catalog since the year 2000, there is a wide range of image resolution, beginning with 2-megapixel images in 2000. Images since September 2006 have been shot at 10 megapixels. This also means that the earlier volumes contain more images since the file size is smaller.

   Our collection of individual images, on the other hand, is available one at a time, printed by a professional color lab. This collection covers a wide range of places in North America, Central America, South America, and Europe.

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