Mouzon Design

   Our mission is to have an influence for good far beyond the boundaries of our work by creating ideas that are rational enough, compelling enough, and inspiring enough that they take on a life of their own, doing good for people we may never have known in places we may never have been, both in our lifetimes, and long after we are gone. Ideas like this are the buildings-blocks of living traditions, which are the best delivery vehicles of true sustainability.

   What does this mean in practical terms? It means that the tools that we make and the design that we do cannot be the normal architectural self-expression. That wouldn’t do any good for anyone except us. Rather, we’re always thinking “how can we make this thing better, and make it in such a way that the idea catches on and spreads?” That’s why we built the Catalog of the Most-Loved Places the way we did, for example... because it illustrates the ordinary, everyday buildings of the places people have loved the most and valued the longest. Had we included only the few heroic buildings in town, then the Catalog would not be nearly so useful because heroic buildings are few and far between, and it’s the everyday buildings that people seem least capable of designing well today. People travel halfway around the world to walk down the back streets of Tuscan hill-towns... but has anybody ever come to vacation in your hometown just so they can walk around the office park, or enjoy the strip center? We didn’t think so...

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